Sick… Stay home or go to work?

My cold
I am so torn. I get sick, of course I want to crawl back in bed and rest up, but I also don’t want to let anyone down at the office. What if they need me? What if something comes up? But, what if I spread my germs? I have never been sure if it is better to go and try to work through your illness, or take a sick day and rest up.

This week I have been more sick than I ever remember as an adult. Coughing, super high fever, and no voice. Turns out I had bronchitis and laryngitis and a body full of infection. I was up, dressed and showered, trying to force myself through the pain, telling myself Tylenol would ease the fever. My husband looked at me and said “you need to go to the doctor.” Thank goodness he took me, and I got the antibiotics I needed or I’d be even worse off.

So I missed a day. And then I missed two. Today is my third day and the guilt is awful. But I’m not sure I’d be any good in the office. I’m slow, coughing, feverish, whiny and exhausted. I am lucky I have the option to stay home, and I am able to work from home if needed. If I went I feel like I would be costing the company more if I showed up for the sake of showing up. My presenteeism could spread my germs through our office, and I certainly wouldn’t be working as well as I would be healthy. Not only that but rather than resting up and feeling better sooner, pushing through might make me stay sick longer or even get worse.

I know that I’m lucky. I spent two full days in bed and today I was able to ease into work, by working from home. I’m still too sick to leave the house, but at least I can be available if I am needed.

Now though – I am going to heat up my chicken soup, make a mug of hot lemon water and go back to bed to snuggle my puppy while watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix.


Patience is a Virtue

Patience.  I have a confession. I am not the most patient person.  I try hard not to let it show, but I know that it does.  My impatience can affect my mood at home with my family and at work with my coworkers and it is something I need to commit to work on.

I know in the grand scheme of things most of the issues that might frustrate me are not a big deal.  What bothers me one day, might not the next.  Once I realized this, I realized I can be in control of my reactions, and need to work to be more patient.  Having patience will not only improve my mood, but reduce my stress and likely make the people around me a heck of a lot more patient,

I spent some time figuring out my triggers and I know that being interrupted when I am deep in thought or trying to work through something difficult was one of the most common things that made me feel short on patience.  Another is having to wait for something.  I am now trying not to react, both at home and at work when this happens.  Just being aware has helped some.

The first thing I try to do when I feel myself frustrated and I patient is to take a breath.  Sometimes one good, deep breath is all it takes to calm me.  The next step is to not respond too quickly.  Taking a moment to formulate my thoughts helps me not respond in a negative way.  Slow down.  Doing this helps me feel and appear calm, which with practice, will hopefully become easier everyday.  Because I still have my moments!

I want to do this for me, but also for the people around me each day.  I want to leave them feeling good, and as though I care, not as though I feel they aren’t worth my time, because they so are. So I will practice patience everyday until it becomes completely natural.  Wish me luck!


Don’t Put it in Writing if You Are Not Prepared for it to go Viral

When Kelly Blazek received a LinkedIn request from Diana Mekota, she sent an extremely rude, dismissive  and short-sighted reply.  In the industry she is in, she should have know to slow down, step back and not fire off an unprofessional letter like the did.

In the position of authority and in the industry that Kelly was in,she should have known better than to shoot off such an inappropriate letter to a potential applicant.  Kelly could easily have made her point in a much more professional way if she was better at communicating bad new, and in the this case, a LinkedIn rejection.  Had she knew how to best communicate the rejection while maintaining a good relationship with Diana, she would not have faced the backlash she did from the internet.

Based on the reasoning Kelly had, she could have worded her letter better and got her point across without being so harsh.  She could have thanked Diana for reaching out to her, then give her a few reasons why LinkedIn wasn’t currently the appropriate way to connect, and wish her well with her future endeavours. This would have helped Diana have an understanding of the reasons for the refusal, softening the blow and all the while maintaining the option to have a good relationship in the future.

I have a rule I try to stick to, that you shouldn’t put in writing something you would not want the whole world to read.  Had Kelly Blazek understood that theory a bit better, maybe she would not have sent such a scathing letter to Diana, she would not have faced such backlash from the internet and her public image could have been saved.