Remember to Connect at the Human Level

As technology advances and more of our communication is taking place through email, texting, facebook, twitter and so on, it is easy to forget that we need to connect at a more human level.  While technology does allow us to be in constant communication with one another, and we have come to expect instant answers and fast replies, it sometimes stops us from having real conversations.  We forget to pickup the phone and call or chat over coffee as Adam Shapiro mentions in “Have Millenials Forgotten How to Speak?”  But Anthony Shop argues that technology is bringing us closer together and creating relationships that we may not have otherwise been able to have.

While I see the benefits of technology in business and in my day to day life, I am inclined to agree more with Adam Shapiro.  We need to remember to connect at the human level and stop being perpetually distracted.  It isn’t making us more productive.

We have become so accustomed to relying on technology for everything that yes, I believe some Millenials, may well be forgetting how to speak and interact without staring at their phones.  There is nothing I find more frustrating, or disrespectful, than seeing someone texting, emailing and fiddling with their phone during a meeting or while you try to carry on a conversation.  We really need to work to be more in the moment and more focused on what is being said.

I have worked in the IT world for nearly nine years, I email coworkers and customers daily.  While technology plays an important role, the majority of our clients relationships are built having real conversations – on the phone and face to face.  Becoming too dependent on technology can diminish these relationships. It is much easier to connect, build the relationship and  understand one another if you can hear each other or look each other in the eye. We need to put down the technology now and then and really listen.


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